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Adelaide Belt & Hose provides the supply of quality branded hose, together with fast turnaround times for each assembly that can be made to order, regardless of the end fittings required.

We have invested in the latest hose assembly equipment, a Finn Power crimping machine, that has the ability to crimp up to 8” 200mm hose assemblies. The newly arrived Hose Test Centre can flush and pressure test to the required test pressure. It also has the ability to produce NATA hydrostatic test certificates, that can be used in your quality management system.

ABH has also attained ISO 9001-2008 accreditation.

ABH are members of NAHAD a worldwide hose association which requires its members to be trained and qualified to their hose assembly standard. The association network allows ABH to keep up with the latest in technical information and procedures that other members are using from all over the globe. Therefore every hose assembly is built and tested to the same highest level every time, by qualified hose assemblers, utilising the latest world procedures.

ABH works very closely with all its customers to satisfy their own in house OH&S requirements. Our proven crimping methods can alleviate “blow offs” that prove costly in downtime, safety as well as loss of product.

“JUST IN TIME” custom crimped hose assemblies up to 6” in diameter, complete with your choice of fittings for example BSM, RJT, SMS, Triclover, wine thread and Camlocks. Hose brands include Parker, Continental, Goodyear, AlfaGomma.

All ABH hose assemblies are pretested to twice working pressure prior to shipment, tagged and certified as per Australian Standard “AS1180”. NATA test certificates are supplied with each assembly.

Unique Hose Numbering System which is etched into the ferrule along with the test date. Client hose asset numbers can also be included, if required.

Colour coded crimp ferrules can be supplied in up to 30 different colours, to help identify different plant applications.

Hose management can be undertaken by ABH, which includes tracking, performance reviews, longevity retes dates, etc.

Reduction of bacterial contamination at the hose tail junction because crimped fittings reduce the problem area that normal tails can create - refer to the illustration opposite.
Crimp fittings reduce greatly the OH&S issues when handling hose assemblies because they remove the problem of sharp edges that are associated with hose clamps, bandit strap and buckle style clamps.

NATA certified hose assemblies made to the safest standards, at an affordable cost