Agriculture Solutions

ABH specialises in the supply of Belts, fittings and hose assemblies, for the Agricultural markets.

In our 29 year history we have been at the forefront of the latest trends in belts and hose assembly procedures which provides to the customers long service life and safety for your staff in handling these products.
Applications range from
Vee Belts Carlisle, Dayco, Optibelt, Gates brands, WCCO Draper belts, WCCO Combine (pick up) belts and Baler belts, plus joiners for the belts that include Clipper, Flexco, Aligator, Mato, Titan Goro

Hose and Fittings for Chemical spray, Weedicide, Air Seeders, Fire Fighting, Liquid Fertiliser, Water, Fuel and Oils, Fish Hose, Wine Transfer, Travelling Irrigators, Washdown and Water Bore risers etc

Banjo liquid handling products for boom sprays and chemical handling applications

ABH are members of NAHAD a worldwide hose association which requires its members to be trained and qualified to their hose assembly standard. The association network allows ABH to keep up with the latest in technical information and procedures that other members are using from all over the globe. Therefore every hose assembly is built and tested to the same highest level every time, by qualified hose assemblers, utilising the latest world procedures.

ABH works very closely with all its customers to satisfy their own in house OH&S requirements and our hose assemblies provide added safety for the operators. Together with our NATA accredited hose assembly pressure testing and proven crimping methods, we can alleviate “blow offs” that prove costly in downtime, plus loss of product. ABH supplies NATA certified hose assemblies made to the safest standards, at an affordable cost